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Haircut and Styling

Men’s hair, that’s it, for a long time that’s all it was, nothing special, we worked we went home, once maybe twice a month we’d go to the neighborhood barber and get a $10 hair cut, nothing like our female parts who love to go to the salon to get their Brazilian hair straightening, with a bag in hand with their Brazilian blowout products and eye lash extensions and even get their make up done, knowing exactly what they want. Barber didn’t even ask you what you wanted, he just went with what ever suited your head in his eye’s which wouldn’t be so bad if he were actually putting some effort in to the thought. It seemed like all hair cuts were the same when I was growing up, heck, my mom would tell the barber he’ll have a “regular boy’s hair cut”, lol, for the longest time that’s all I could remember.

Time For A Change

Men these day’s are a lot more involved with there hair, which is a good thing, it shapes you, identifies you and who you are. From the rising trend in old school barber shops and the beards and mustaches making a come back as well, people need to be informed of how to style their hair and not just people either, but hairstylist too. The stylist is supposed to be the professional here, we the people only know the marketing side to this situation, the t.v. telling us we need this hair product, the magazines telling us we need this shampoo followed by a leave in conditioner and this and that, who knows what to do, we just start buying a bunch of different hair products and start relying on those certain things to style our hair, to keep it in place.


Well what if I told you, you didn’t have to jam pack all those crazy hair gels and hair spray’s and mouse’s, the real trick is, the blow dryer. That’s it fellas, heat and a brush, you don’t have to be afraid to use the blow dryer, but do be careful it does get hot, people are misinformed and hairstylist and barbers who were poorly taught are spreading the disease. They should be showing every one how to style your hair on a daily basis and it doesn’t take 20-30 minutes like we’ve seen our girlfriends or sisters do, we’re not getting ready for a wedding up do or trying to keep the color in our hair, 15 minutes tops is all you need. As soon as you get out the shower you dry your self off and make sure to dry the floor you don’t want to slip and fall, pull out the blow dryer and with a brush, start brushing your hair in the position that you want it with the blow dryer on it all the while. Now of course there are certain circumstance’s that this might not work, but to be honest with you I’ve seen some pretty curly hair end up damn near straight when properly done, as soon as all the hair is dry and going in the direction the you want it to go look for a good dry hair product to put on, maybe a pomade or ADH is a good one I like to use. Try it out fellas, I promise you it will work wonders, don’t forget to check out my home page for more information about blowouts, keratin treatment and all hair straightening treatments, thanks a lot ladies and gentlemen.