Best Brazilian Blowout in San Diego | Hair Straightening Specialist


The right color can make your hair look thicker, shinier and even healthier and even make your skin and eyes seem brighter. Here at our salon, our stylist use a number method to make sure you get a hair color that suits you and guess what, after you have your color done in as little as a week you can get one of our hair straightening treatments like a keratin treatment or Brazilian blow dry to bring out that full shine and thick healthy look. Our stylist will show you the Natural Hair Color Level System diagram and explain to you the depth and shade of your color and keep note of the number. By identifying this color first they can show you the new shade that would suit you. The second number that a stylist would use refers to the tone of the color. This can be graded between 1 and 8, there is sometimes a third number, if the hair has a secondary tone, this will enhance or neutralize the different tones in the hair. Example, if you have a natural base of a 5 light brown, with orange pigment and you want to lighten your hair two shades to a 7 blond, yellow/orange pigment the stylist could choose to keep the natural warmth in your tone by using a color 7. However, they may think about enhancing the golden shade coming through by using a depth of a number 7 color with a number 3 gold tone. To neutralize the golden shade and have a more natural tone they may use a number 7, but with a number 1 ash tone. This works because the ash, a cool tone neutralizes the yellow/orange, both warm tones. These numbers are also often on the side of store bought dyes, although the keys vary so make sure you read the packaging carefully.