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Whether you’re the bride to be, the maid of honor or one of the brides maids, you’re going to be standing in front of a whole bunch of people for an hour at a minimum, not to mention all the pictures to take post wedding, once taken your going to be on a few families walls and fireplace, so don’t go last minute with your  bridal hair or try out a new a new hair straightening treatment you haven’t yet tried, chances are it’ll work out, but on the off chance your hair doesn’t react well to it you could be one to remember and not in a good way. Make sure to plan ahead and always call in to schedule an appointment and don’t be afraid to call in with any questions, surely one of skilled makeup artist or hairstylist will be more than happy to assist you. If you’ve thought of a Brazilian blowout or a keratin smoothing treatment be sure to come by, it is one of our specialties and we love to do hairstyles for weddings as well as bridal hair and makeup, so come by and see the best in San Diego.