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Brazilian Blowout Cost

Ok so right of the bat, a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment is going to cost you anywhere from $175 – $500 depending on how long your hair is and the thickness of it as well. Not one persons hair is the same as the others, like wise, while performing the treatment no Brazilian blowout is the same like finger prints or a snow flake? Any salon that tells you “Brazilian Blowouts starting at $75” is obviously a marketing scam and will start up building up charges as soon as you walk through the door, or do a horrible job, your hair is not some thing you want to go thrifty on ladies, give us a call to schedule your appointment today Brazilian Blowout San Diego and have one of our professional stylist greet you as you walk through the door with a tea or brew and get one of the best hair salon experiences in your life.


Quality Work

When looking for a salon, weather it’s a new city with no clue where to go or your simply not happy with your current salon, your going to want to perform a thorough search, as well as checking out some reviews, if you have friends in the city or co-workers, ask around and your sure to get a few recommendations, if you have a friend with similar hair to yours even better, you just might have yourself a winner that easy. However some people have to do just a little more work, if you live or work in the city or other metropolitan area’s, there are sure to be hair salon’s on just about every block, walk by a couple and take a look, are there constantly customer’s in the salon, are the stylist engaging in conversations with there client’s or people as they walk through the front door, do the stylist look happy?, is the salon clean and well kept, if the salon is dirty or not sanitary there is a chance for infection, stay away from those places and possibly alert somebody. All these are signs you can see all while walking by and taking a quick peek inside, do this a couple times to a couple different salons to get a feel of them. If you have heard of some other salon’s out of your way you call always give them a call first, get a feel for them, do the answer the phone right away, are they polite, a good hair salon will carefully choose and train their receptionists as they do their best hairdresser’s or even have their hairdresser’s answer the phones themselves, after all who can give the best information? than the stylist.


Now For The Test

So you’ve done your research, you’ve narrowed it down to a couple of salon’s and your still not sure who to go with, so here’s the final test, make an appointment with either one, go with your gut instinct on this one, don’t go and get your Brazilian Blowout first, make an appointment to have your hair trimmed and maybe a shampoo and blow dry, talk to the stylist while in his/her chair and get a feel for not just them but for the salon, are they happy there, have they been there long, has the salon been there long?, all are valid questions in getting to know your new stylist and your potential new regular salon. Now obviously if your in the San Diego area your search is already over, give us a call today so we can make an appointment and get to know each other. We here at Brazilian Blowout San Diego only hire the best stylist ready to take on the world and then some.